Epidemiology Reflection 1

My group was tasked with creating a clinic to help solve a health problem in the borough of Queens. After looking at the data we found that in Rockaway specifically, while there are similar rates of HIV among residents there, there are more people that die from it compared to the rest of the city. This meant that the people in Rockaway didn’t have the resources to deal with HIV once they had contracted it and so we proposed to set up a clinic there where people can receive treatment for the virus to help live normal lives while dealing with it.

By doing this project I became more aware of the struggles of providing healthcare for people. First of all, it is extremely expensive to find somewhere to open up a place in New York due to property being so expensive. Also the supplies for a clinic are also extremely expensive and with both of these together plus the cost of paying doctors makes running a clinic very costly. The real challenge comes from trying to find a way to pay for all of this because it doesn’t work in the same way that a store does trying to sell its products to anybody it can sell them to.

After looking at the way that healthcare works in New York, I would be more interested in looking into ways to make it more efficient.

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