Karina’s Experience at QYLC

At the 2017 Quaker Youth Leadership Conference, students from dozens of Quaker schools across the country came to share and learn from one another.  This year’s theme was “Bridging Communities”, which seemed very fitting for this time.  Students had the opportunity to visit museums and go on service trips in New York.  I got to go to the 9/11 Tribute Center, where we got the perspective of a survivor of the attacks.  Later, I went on a service trip to Crown Heights, where my group learned about affordable housing and the effects gentrification had on neighborhoods.  This was very interesting because I had known about gentrification being a problem, but I had never had the chance to learn more intensely about the issue.  I met lots of fun people at QYLC as well, and there was a great sense of community there.

2 thoughts on “Karina’s Experience at QYLC

  1. Hi Karina,
    Thank you for sharing your experience at QYLC on the blog! The issue of gentrification applied directly to the theme of the weekend- I am glad you got to learn more. Do you think you will go back next year?

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