Jared’s Robin Hood Summer Service

This summer I participated in a one week intensive at The Robin Hood Foundation. Robin Hood is the largest non-profit in New York City that focuses on funding, searching, and creating programs that generate substantial help for families and people in poverty. Robin Hood believes that poverty is more than just one figure that everyone can fall under. They believe that their are more factors that lead to one being in poverty.

Each day, us group of students would be introduced to a new topic and organization concerning poverty that Robin Hood had partnered with. We would hear from someone who gave us background information on the topic and then we would go out to their facility or location and would hear about their process and how they help fight poverty with the work that they were doing. After the five days I had learned about five different organizations that fought poverty in their various ways and why and how Robin Hood was helping them reach their goals. Poverty and especially poverty in New York City is something that is greatly overlooked and the work Robin Hood does is more than necessary to fight it and have it come to an end.

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