Edie’s Politics Reflection

In Stefan’s Politics class earlier this year, we talked a lot about the 2016 presidential election. We watched videos about, read articles on, and wrote essays on the two candidates, trying to better educate ourselves on the differences and similarities of their opinions and plans. Stefan made the class as unbiased as possible, showing us information and articles from various sources and authors. The discussions we had about the election in class were very interesting and I enjoyed hearing everyone’s thoughts and learning more both about Clinton and Trump, and also about the election process itself. We did a project in which we were broken up into pairs and each group researched a specific issue that was pertinent to the election. Zara Schreiber and I looked at Clinton and Trump’s economic visions and their plans for job growth and creation. We then made a side-by-side chart illustrating where different aspects of Clinton and Trump’s plans were similar and where they were extremely different. Stefan compiled all of the charts made in the class and put them up on a website for our community to look at and have at its disposal for all election-related information.   We hoped that this website would serve as a useful tool for the community. Here is a link to the website: http://blogs.friendsseminary.org/electionissues2016/