Julia Barkan 10th Grade Service Reflection

This year I was lucky enough to work for Caring Kind; an organization working with the care taking and treatment of Alzheimer’s patients.  During the walk earlier this year during the fall, I was able to volunteer at a booth selling good to raise money for the cause.  I sold was able to sell bracelets, dog toys and apparel.  As well as, I was able to participate and join the walk after my shift was done at the booth.  Seeing everyone so enthusiastic to stand up for such an amazing cause was inspiring and taught me so much about the effect of what everyones actions can truly do.  The money that was donated went specifically to people in the New York area that couldn’t afford their own care, and ever dollar made a significant impact.  My work at the walk inspired me to volunteer more and more with the organization, and over the course of the year I have spent hours collaborating with several members of the organization.

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