Josie Girand’s Service Reflection

Since the beginning of the year, I have been volunteering at a Nepalese community center to help kids from grades K-7 with their homework,  every week on Sundays. We go over their homework and help them correct any mistakes and then review content that is giving someone trouble- and afterwards, we might play spelling games or have a math relay. Many of the kids are unable to recieve homework help at home due to their parents’ busy schedules or lack of affordability. This experience has been really rewarding for me because I really felt as if I was making a difference in these kids’ academic progress.

Adin Moses service post

In the first semester of the year I volunteered at a  organization called DOROT.  Every Monday after school I would go there and play chess with the elderly.  It was very interesting because not only did I get to make their day, but I got to learn about the histories of the people that I played with.  It was a very good experience and I will definitely do it again next year.

Daphne Darwish’s Service Post

Since ninth grade, I have been interning at The Go Project after school; it is a non profit set to help students who go to underfunded and under resourced schools in downtown Manhattan. I found that after many weeks, I felt I was actually making a difference in terms of the functionality of the program. Although I was completing simple tasks like alphabetizing files, or reorganizing forms, I felt like my contributions were helping everyone who worked there. I also felt even more connected to the program when I was able to make phone calls to parents who might have questions about the program or to parents who need to schedule meetings.

Last year my YPI project was set to help fund under resourced public schools in New York City; similar to the mission of The Go Project. It was fulfilling for me to continue my work in children’s education this year at The Go Project; and it will continue to be fulfilling as I continue working there throughout high school.

Cosmo Gigante’s Service Reflection

During the second week of spring break, the Friends Seminary varsity baseball team took a spring training trip to Orlando, Florida.  Because I had unfortunately injured my arm the week before, I was unable to participate in both practices and games.  Thus, during the games, I recorded the events of them in the book.  The book is a template made to record hits, runs, errors, and all other things that happen in a baseball game.

At the start of a game, my coach would write up the lineup (the order of batters and their positions), and I would bring it to the announcer in the press box.  Then, once the game started, I payed close attention to record every detail for both Friends and the opposing team.  Each game was about two hours long and four took place.


Clio Morrison’s Service Reflection

     Last September, I walked in the JDRF 1 Walk with five of my camp friends. The JDRF non-profit stands for Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. The Foundation is catered specifically towards young people with the chronic illness of type 1 diabetes. I attend the Clara Barton Camp during the summer which is a camp for girls with this disease. There, I met these five great girls. Since our first summer at camp, the six of us have walked in the New York City based JDRF 1 walk. We even created our own team, called Barton’s Girls, where we raise money leading up to the walk. These donations go directly to research in the hopes of finding a cure.

     Walking with my friends in our team this past fall was a fantastic experience. We raised quite a lot of money and walked across the Brooklyn Bridge together. My friends and I hope to continue this fight to find a cure and will be walking as the Barton Girls for years to come!