Morgan’s Experience with the Political Comparison Project

In the beginning of this year (before the election occurred), Stefan’s Politics, Power, and Citizenship class participated in a project to raise a greater awareness of the differences between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump from a policy perspective.  We were split up into groups and scoured the two candidate’s websites and past statements to determine their stances on issues such as women’s rights, immigration, criminal justice, the 2nd amendment, and healthcare.  It seemed, for each group, to be difficult to find information on Trump’s policy objectives. Moses Goren and I were assigned the topic of healthcare.  You can find a link to our page here:  Stefan uploaded each group’s product to the website.  The objective of the project was to provide an unbiased side-by-side comparison of Clinton and Trump in terms of policy for our community to use.  Our respective biases not seem to permeate our final product (although it was an initial concern); this was most likely due to the fact that we were required to use the candidates’ exact words (or, in the case of their websites, official positions).  Completing the project allowed me to be more articulate and precise when debating about healthcare in the context of the impending election with friends and family.  As a result of the project, I was exposed to important, topical information that proved to be extremely useful.  Although we did not investigate the readership or impact of our website, we intended to contribute to a more politically informed community.

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