Day of Service Reflection

This Service day I was part of the group of Juniors who travelled to the Bronx warehouse of Food Bank NYC in order to help sort and pack food. We all split up into groups to sort and pack different food products in boxes of certain weights. At the end we measured how much food we had packed and learned that we had prepared enough food to help over 2000 families.

After this experience I now understand more the impact of poverty on our city and how many individuals need help getting access to food. I had already worked with other hunger fighting organiziations so this experience did not expose me to many new opportunities to give back although I may continue to help with the food bank in the future after my experience there. This experience altered my sense of community and agency by exposing me to the issue of hunger around my own city. I consider service a responsibility of all members of our community and a way to understand large issues such as hunger.

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