Jake’s Service Reflection – Meetinghouse Cleanup

I had a number of interesting service experiences this year, but the most relaxing one was a fixture of many of my Fridays: packing up the meetinghouse for the weekend with Bob Rosen and Russell Dukes. It’s a simple matter of getting the piles of stuff that sit in the corners of the meetinghouse – guitars, amps, drums, bass, trolleys full of cables, scores, and saxophone reeds – out of the room and into the gallery and music offices so that the space can becomeĀ an uncluttered house of worship on Sundays when the Quaker congregation arrives. Everything is in varying states of disarray as we move the items down the center aisle and into the meetinghouse lobby, and some of the carts could use some axle grease, but the work always seems to go quickly as I chat with Russell or listen to exciting new music over the sound system with Bob. Often, other students will join us and speed up the work, but sometimes it’s just the three of us – I don’t mind either way. It’s good, simple work, and a nice way to end the week.

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