Sara’s GSA Leadership Service

In my first year of leading the FS Gender-Sexuality Alliance, I coordinated several community events for LGBTQ+ education.  I helped organize our annual assembly and fishbowl discussion for 2017 Queers and Peers week.  This year’s topic was media representation, and we discussed the effects of both positive and negative representations of LGBTQ+ people in media.

Moderating the community fishbowl discussion was a really eye-opening experience.  It forced me to step back from participating and focus more on listening to others’ experiences.  It really opened up more conversation about community engagment with the GSA, especially parents and faculty.  I believe that leading the GSA and coordinating these events has encouraged me to stand back and allow others to share rather than always talking.  I am planning to lead the GSA next year as well, and I hope to continue expanding our reach and helping the community.

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