Service Day Reflection

On service day, our grade volunteered at Food Bank For New York City, in the Bronx. We started by watching a video about the organization in which we learned their mission and heard testimonies from people who were helped. During our time at the warehouse, we helped sort materials and repackage them. This semester, i’ve been taking Poverty in the US, and it was nice , service day aligned with areas I was learning about and passionate about. After completing our tasks, we were told that our work would help over 2000 families in the NYC area. The numbers hit home since hunger isn’t always an issue we see around. With just a couple hours of work, we were able to give back to people in our immediate community (NYC), all the while bonding with each other. I enjoy being a part of a community where service is mandatory because I feel as though it is a responsibility to help those that are less fortunate.


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