Alexa’s service reflection

This past service day, the ninth grade worked with YPI, and competed for a grant that would be given to our chosen organization. My group chose to focus on an organization called Advocates for Children of New York. This organization “works on behalf of children who are at greatest risk for school-based discrimination and/or academic failure due to poverty, disability, race, ethnicity, immigrant or English Language Learner status, sexual orientation, gender identity, homelessness, or involvement in the foster care or juvenile justice systems.” Education inequality is a very large issue, especially here in New York. As students fortunate enough to be attending a private school, we know that is it sometimes difficult to understand the struggles other children face with their education everyday.

One thing that I was surprised about when researching this education inequality throughout New York was the amount of students who do not graduate, and the amount of school students can miss due to suspension, and how much of an impact that can have on their learning. Advocates for children works hard to insure all these childrenĀ are helped, and receive the education they deserve

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