Allen’s GO Project Reflection

Over the summer, I was given the opportunity to help out at an organization called GO Project, which basically is a summer school for low-income students receive better resources to learn more and enjoy themselves. I was only one out of many volunteers and my main jobs were to assist a martial arts elective class for first and second graders and to also help serve lunch to elementary school students.

This experience has enlightened me on how important it is to help out the youth in need. Many of those children were poor and couldn’t afford enough food to eat or to receive a better education. The GO Project offers educational classes in the morning and extracurricular classes in the afternoon. There were some children who also faced abuse in their families and were avoidant of any interaction. While assisting the martial arts class and serving lunch, I found that the children were very energetic and lovable. They easily attached to me once they saw that I didn’t mean any harm and they were super sweet towards me. However, they didn’t seem to like the criticism that the teachers or volunteers gave to them when they acted too rowdy, so it took some patience to calm them down and let them know what the right thing to do is. All in all, it was a very fulfilling experience to work with such young children for an extended period of time over the summer and to know how it feels like to take an authoritative position.

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