James Burge Service Day Reflection

As a new ninth grader, I enjoyed working with the Youth and Philanthropy Initiative. I think I now fully understand  the mission  of this organization and I do believe in the idea of connecting adolescents to social issues. By not only introducing high schoolers to what may be unfamiliar social issues, but also giving them freedom to choose individual organizations which work against social issues that they are passionate about it is an effective way for high schoolers to become involveled.

I also enjoyed hearing about the ideas and organizations that other groups came up with and found. I was fortunate enough to be a judge during the final round, and being able to have a say in which wonderful organization won the grant was a great experience. Being able to listen to my peers present their passion in specific social issues was powerful and enabled me to learn about various social issues. Listening to the presentations made by other groups was my favorite part of service day.

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