Nic’s Reflection on Project Cicero

Link: Project Cicero

In early March, Friends Seminary hosted book drives to be sent to Cicero. I spearheaded the sorting of these books during my frees for a week and a half and if I remember correctly I sorted 40 boxes with a total of 2000 books. A good amount of people commented on how they always saw me working on the boxes when they passed by, which would’ve gotten annoying if I didn’t enjoy the sorting. After the books were sorted in the boxes, they were sent to Hotel Pennsylvania for further sorting. We headed over on Friday March 8th and Sunday March 10th to Hotel Pennsylvania and sorted books from the many, many boxes into more detailed sections than the sections I had to sort by (eg. Chapter books were a section which would’ve been in my Fiction section).

My legs were pretty tired by the end of these sessions after standing for hours on end, but I didn’t mind. Doing Project Cicero didn’t cause a euphoria of emotion, but it was pleasant to do along with the knowledge that teachers would need me to do this job well; getting to see the teachers picking up books also felt nice. I’m probably going to continue to volunteer at Project Cicero… at least as long as I don’t have to sort any more of those Minecraft guide books.

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