Nylah’s Service Reflection

For the past few months, I have been volunteering at Reading Partners every Tuesday. I help a girl in second grade at PS 188 with her reading and comprehension skills so that she can catch up to her grade’s reading level. We go through guided lessons each session, in which we learn sounds, vocabulary, spelling, and reading comprehension skills. I have seen a lot of progress in the girl I am tutoring, and she is a few lessons away from moving up to the next reading level.

It has been a very meaningful experience to tutor with Reading Partners, as I have been a able to build a relationship with the child I tutor, while helping her grow as a reader. It has also been very rewarding to see the student I tutor and the other students getting tutored at the same time develop a genuine love for reading. The school I tutor at has a large percentage of students behind reading level, so it is encouraging to see the amount of tutors working with students to help them improve.

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