Sofia’s Service Day Reflection

This year, on Service Day, the ninth grade presented their YPI projects in front of a panel of judges in hopes of winning a grant for their chosen organization. My group selected the organization Edible Schoolyard, which introduces healthy eating and food practices in schools throughout New York City in order to benefit NYC’s youth. Edible Schoolyard is an extremely reliable and great organization which truly strives to change children’s lives by integrating a knowledge of healthy food into their daily lives. My group was successful in winning an $1,000 grant for this organization which we are so passionate about. Service Day this year, and the YPI process in general, has opened my eyes to the needs of our community and how much of a voice each one of us has. I have gained knowledge on my social issue, as well as many other social issues which are prevalent here in NYC, by listening to my classmate’s presentations. Having the experience of winning a grant showed me, and others, that changing people’s lives for the better by doing service is definitely in the realm of possibility. I hope to remain engaged and in contact with the Edible Schoolyard because their work has inspired my group and we wish to continue to give back. Beyond remaining connected with this organization, I hope to form relationships with other non-profit organizations whose work inspires me as much as this particular organization has.

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