YPI service day

I’m a new student this year in 9th grade, and participating in the Youth Philathropy and Intiative project was both a very rich learning experience and a wild roller coaster. My group and I spent weeks trying to find a non-profit to sponsor for the YPI competition, but unfortunately even though all of us reached out as far as we could, none of the organizations we contacted responded to us. Even though we couldn’t campaign, I learned quite a lot from this year’s YPI. I’ve been participating in acts of service all my life, and not many have been as rich as this in respect to gaining experience with working with people and organizations around you. We had to formally call each of the non-profits that we chose, something that I had never done before but I learned a great deal from. Watching my other groups work hard and collaborate with each other to campaign for their non-profit allowed to observe and enjoy the reward of the people who the non-profits were helping. Overall, I enjoyed participating in YPI, and even though I won’t be participating in it next year, I’m excited to see what new opportunities await the young students who will campaign for their future partners.

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