Adrian’s Experience at the People’s Climate March


Two Saturdays ago I went with Friends to the People’s Climate March in Washington, DC. I won’t say that waking up at 4:00am was fun, but it was definitely an interesting start to the day– I got to the bus during a thunderstorm. Once we got to D.C., I had a great time. I had totally forgotten how cool the city is, and the sheer amount of people who had shown up for the march was really overwhelming. Walking for hours under the sun in what felt like a million degrees was difficult, but it served as an appropriate reminder of what we were marching against. Ultimately, being a part of the enormous wave of people that flooded down Pennsylvania Avenue and then surrounded the White House was such an incredible feeling. Even though it was hard and exhausting, Friends had a great group of people and it was good to be reminded of how powerful people can be, especially when it comes to an issue as important as climate change. Overall, it was really an enlightening experience for me: I left my comfort zone (literally, by getting out of bed) and joined a movement that was so much bigger than anything I’ve ever done in my life before. I hope that I can continue to participate in organized movements like the People’s Climate March in the future and help to bring about change and improve the world, even if it’s just by a little bit. 


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