Mason’s Ethnic New York Project

I am in the Ethnic New York history class, and our final project was to complete an ethnography paper following a specific topic within our neighborhoods. I live in the Lower East Side, a neighborhood with a rich cultural history, so I decided to focus my topic on the separate waves of German and Jewish immigration into the United States, and the Lower East Side in particular. My classmates and I took several trips to the Milstein division of the New York Public Library to gain information from books and old primary sources. We all collected many more online and printed resources to help our essays. In addition, we each conducted interviews. My most informative interview was with a man I was acquainted to who was local in the Lower East Side for over sixty years. He gave me great insight into the lifestyle of Jews in the Lower East Side in the early twentieth century. My interview with him, along with all my classmates interviews, will be accessible with our exhibit boards that will be set up in the gallery from Tuesday, May 16-21.

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  1. Thanks for this succinct, yet complete description of our project, Mason! I’m glad you got the chance to engage deliberately in the history and ethnography of your neighborhood, particularly in light of the number of times your own sort of visceral connection to your ‘place’ in New York City has emerged, more often subtly than not, over the last two years in class together (in 11th grade and this Spring). I myself appreciated the personal introduction to the LES that came through your work all term. Thanks!

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