Ethnic New York Project

In Ethnic New York, everything we learned led up to a single final research project, in which we had to provide a historical and ethnographical look at the neighborhood immediately surrounding where we live. Going into it, I was excited to have the opportunity to look into the lives of people who previously lived there and how what they did has shaped my experiences living there. One important part of the project was to conduct and record interviews with long time residents of the neighborhood, which at first seemed like a daunting task but became extremely rewarding after doing it. Being able to hear people talk about streets that I walk along everyday and describe a completely different world and experience honestly amazed me and only made me appreciate living in this city more than I already do. Not only did it change my perspective of the past of my neighborhood, it changed how I see it now. I find myself looking at the details of the world around me more, trying to figure out the significance that I now know that even the smallest thing can have.

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  1. Well, I really appreciate this reflection insofar as you capture in it the sense of excitement I sometimes feel myself in walking, or (used to be) jogging the streets of this wholly vibrant, richly layered city we live in — but you’ve awakened yourself to it even before leaving ‘high school’! I’m really glad you moved beyond ‘safety’ in doing the interview(s) in such a way as to be so richly rewarded. I suspect you’ll take these experiences with you everywhere now, too, just opening up that much more of the world to you, and in turn sharing your awareness, interpretation, and understanding with a lot more people. Thank you for your care and insight!

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