Ethnic New York Rio’s reflection

This year I took Ethnic New York as my second semester history class. Kristen started the course off by telling us what we were going to accomplish throughout the semester and what our final goal was in the class. The first thing we did once Kristen gave us a background on the class was we defined ethnography because our final project in the class was to write an ethnographic paper on our neighborhoods and once we finished with that, we would present a story board on the same project. The first step of our project once we defined ethnography was to walk around our neighborhoods and take notes on what we noticed about everything. The people, the buildings, everything. We had to get a sense of what our neighborhood was like now because we were soon going to dive into the history of our neighborhoods and what they were like before our time. We went on a the tenement tour on the lower east side and we visited the Milstein Division of the New York Public Library. Once we had all these resources at our disposal, we immediately got to work. I live in Soho towards the bottom of the island so I was focusing on my that neighborhood, but more specifically my building. Looking further and further into the history of my building I found out what all its previous uses were before it was transformed into apartments and I also learned about the people who lived in it which in turn led me to learn about all the people who lived in my neighborhood. I really enjoyed this project and I hope Kirsten continues to do it in the future.


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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed learning vicariously so much about each of your neighborhoods, too, and indeed I will forever be taken by the image of the girl on the stoop next door to your building having her regular smoke — an image you conjured for us early in the term. I’ve also gotten the feeling you’ve grown to appreciate the presence — not ghostly, but certainly historically — of all the people who have inhabited your space in its various forms over the 150-ish years your building has stood there in SoHo. Thanks for all your hard work work and genuine enthusiasm!

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