Ethnic NY Project

The Ethnic NY project provided an interesting and new perspective on the neighborhood in which I’ve lived most my life. Through the interview process, I gained much insight into the neighborhood’s present and past. The history I’ve uncovered has been intriguing and eye-opening and has caused me to furtherĀ appreciate the current neighborhood in which I live.

One thought on “Ethnic NY Project

  1. Very glad you found your work on the project to be interesting and illuminative. I’d love to know even a sliver of the nature of insight you gained from your neighbor’s perspective through your interview or something specific you appreciate more about the place in which you’ve grown up! Perhaps this will come out in conversation! I really appreciated the care you took with your exhibit — in everything from choosing a characteristic font to selecting particularly revealing photographs of the two residential towers juxtaposed to the UN itself. Thanks for all this work!

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