Max’s Experience in Morocco

While the main focus of the globa ed trip to Morocco was intercultural exchange, there were definitely opportunities for service offered during the trip as well. For instance, while we were staying in our homestays in Rabat, we spent a day working with young volunteers at a soup kitchen in the nearby town of Sella. Speaking Arabic and French, we worked with them to discover the cultural differences between American and Moroccan dynamics in the home and in public spaces as well. It was fascinating to hear the perspectives of Moroccan youths as they approached service to their local communities. All of the volunteers we worked with were artists, so I was particularly interested in discovering how they applied their artistic talents to their work at the soup kitchen. Another service activity we experienced in Morocco was in a small town in the Atlas Mountains, working with a women’s cooperative that specialized in providing their community with couscous, a staple of the Moroccan diet. With the oversight of┬áthese pioneering women, we got to learn to make couscous and provide the community with a bit more of the food.

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