David’s Service Reflection

The serviceĀ I am reflecting upon is my gathering of information on the campaigns of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump for my politics class. For this class, we were instructed to study one specific subsection of each front runner’s campaign (e.g. healthcare, tax reform, environment, etc…) and create a pageĀ listing purely the information found from appropriate websites. This included scouring both candidates’ websites and reading several articles from accredited news sources. A major aspect of the project was trying to remain unbiased, as the mission of the assignment was to present as much information as possible and then have the reader decide on their own their stances. A very interesting part of this project for me was analyzing how other sources presented information, analyzing their unwritten biases and comparing them to the facts presented on each campaign website. Another interesting aspect was analyzing how each candidate presented their stances on certain issues, with one candidate providing clear and concise responses, with the other sometimes choosing to not elaborate on some controversial topics. This leads me to another part of the project that I found interesting, which was trying to present as unbiasedly as possible when a candidate did not provide information at all for a certain subject. This was a difficult task, and I felt as though I was constantly attempting to write with bias. I think that this project enabled me to further explore how important writing, and language in general, functions in influencing others’ minds. It also allowed me to view alternate perspectives on controversial topics I otherwise would not have had the opportunity to do so.

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