Nahid’s Service Experience Working with TEAK HS Admissions

This past year, I was invited to the TEAK Fellowship on several occasions to help out with their HS Admissions. Having gone through the same process myself, as both a high school senior and a TEAK Fellow, I knew the importance of helping rising sixth graders gain entrance into the Fellowship and preparing rising eighth graders for the rigors of high school. For the former, I was required to oversee group assignments and evaluate each student on individual skill sets from leadership, to collaboration, to time management before giving them each a grade on several categories which would help aid the deen, advisors, and president make their final decisions on student applications. Helping rising eighth graders prepare for the high school admissions process by conducting practice interviews also gave my overheads valuable insight on the students’ strengths and weaknesses. I was glad to contribute my time to a cause that helped me in turn and I look forward to doing it again.

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