Ben Lanzi’s Service Reflection

At the end of April, I participated with a rag-tag band of fellow Friends Seminary upper schoolers and faculty in the Peoples’ Climate March in Washington D.C. Despite having to wake up at an hour significantly earlier than I was used to, I was feeling enthusiastic to participate in something meaningful while on the bus ride there. Upon arriving, I was immediately discouraged by the intense heat that awaited us(which was suited the cause of the march) and already tired from an early wake up. However, I was inspired by the unwavering passion of the other protestors and their commitment to spreading our message (even though the President was not even in DC at the time of the march). There was also a band of Pro-life advocates trying to distract us from the march which was irritating, but I was grateful that I had the rare opportunity to meet people with a range of opinions much different than mine. Although the heat was excruciating, it constantly reminded me of our cause and motivated me to continue marching. It was truly something I will never forget.





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