Going to Volunteer at a Food Bank in Harlem

For Service day this year, my advisory went to a Food Bank in Harlem that provides groceries to underprivileged individuals. We went to help distribute the food products. This was a really amazing experience to be a part of. I was able to use my Spanish skills to communicate with those who came for food. We were able to help them pick out a balanced set of groceries. All the people who came for groceries were incredibly thankful and kind. I felt like my classmates and I were really making a difference in these peoples lives. When doing service a lot of the time you don’t see the direct positive impact you are having because you are normally separated from the people you are helping. Being able to see the positive impact I was making in the lives of these people and in the community was something amazing to be a part of. Having this great experience made me want to help at a food bank again in the future.

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