Clarence’s Experience in Morocco

My favorite part of this year was taking the global education trip to Morocco this spring. While there we were able to explore the history, culture, and politics of the nation. Our trip was focused on not being the “typical tourist” endeavor, and as such we consciously avoided largely trafficked area and instead visited smaller shops. Throughout the trip we stopped at many workshops where artisans gathered to make goods, but the most memorable of these was a women’s center where women with skills taught other women in need of income (originally older women and widows, but it expanded to include younger women) how do make different foods and crafts. While at the center I was able to observe and eventually participate in the creation of couscous (which is a pasta; not a grain), the center we visited was directly responsible for the educating of dozens of women and indirectly responsible for even more though the centers they paved the way for.

I specifically loved the global education trip to Morocco because I got to form a more personal relationship with the places we visited by trying to not be a “typical tourist”; I was able to speak to people in stores in a language that wasn’t my own (something that was noticed and appreciated) and even picked up some Arabic from the experience. Also because our intent was to experience all facets of the culture I was given the opportunity to learn about and meet some people of the Amazigh culture and hear about Moroccan culture and history from a different perspective.

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