Martín’s Service Day Reflection

This year, I spent service day with most of my grade sorting out medical supplies that would be exported to people who were in need. We sorted out as many supplies as possible, as well as being extra careful with the process of separating the goods with expiration dates too soon to be allowed to be sent. One of the main takeaways from this experience was how impactful our few hours’ work would be to many lives. Since there were so many of us working, we were able to help the organization finish a day or two-day’s worth of work on their own. Although the individual task was not overwhelming, the group’s production was very high due to the collectiveness of the work and the great cooperativeness  of my classmates. This experience opened me up to the service of those in medical need, something I will seek to continue doing in the future. Likewise, service day allowed for an increased chemistry between my classmates and helped me experience collective work at a grand scale. It was wonderful to see all my classmates and I efficiently working together to help those in need by speeding up the process prior to the exportation.

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