Service day reflection

On march 12th, I went with a part of my classmates to volunteer at AFYA. AFYA is a organization that collects medical supplies, sort them, and then sends them to places that are needed such as refugee camps. It was a interesting experience for me. When we first got there, we all got gloves our size. Then, we stood over two large table in lines. There, the volunteers at AFYA tells us about about the organization, there we got straight to work. We have to sort the supplies by the same catergory, then we put the expiration date and the amount of the product on the bag. We continued this for about two hours. It is always amazing to me how fast we worked and how much product there was. Overall I really liked this experience; however, I feel it would be better if they told us more about this organization and its purpose before we just dive to work. I feel we would be more motived. Another suggestion would be thinking of new ways to take care of the product that were not selected. When we are packing, we only pack things with one year within expired date, and throws out the ones that don’t fit the standard. We threw out tons of products that could still be used. Maybe we can give it to a local sanctuary to help more people?  

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