Service YPI Post

Since I was able to visit the organization my group represented, I was able to understand the full scope and mission they supported. We were welcomed in and toured around the facilities. We saw actual patients successfully receiving help from the organization’s staff.

I was exposed to the idea of nonprofit organizations and how they strive help our communities. This experience was a gateway that lead me to be interested in helping out and advocating for the unfortunate unite in our community. I think that I would like to be active with my organization I chose for the YPI project.

Service is a way of connecting to the community, and making a change in it greatly affects a large amount of people as a whole. This change is your giving back, and your effort to change the world. Service is a responsibility that all people should be active in doing, but it can also be a call. What’s most important is if you enjoy the service, and are happy about the changes you may make.

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