Teaching in Thailand

This summer I was given the opportunity through a service learning program to go to northern Thailand for three weeks to teach english to students at an elementary school. I got to study how to be a teacher and get first hand experience teaching the kids. I got to design lesson plans and come up with ways to excite my beautiful students about the english language. I taught kids from ages eight to ten for 14 days at a local school in Chiang Mai. Although there was a huge language barrier it was amazing to see different ways we got to connect with the kids through dancing and singing. They were enthusiastic, respectful, and eager to learn. The Thai school struggle to teach their kids english because of the lack of teachers that speak it. Most of the kids had only learned english from textbooks and had never heard anyone really speak it. I met incredible people and kids that I hope to one day see again. After working at theschool we began work at a local children’s home where we poured cement and removed rust from the kids playground. This work proved difficult in the Thai heat but we all had so much fun and it was amazing to see the final product. We got to play with the kids once they got home from school and the little girls would braid and weave flowers into our hair while we played games like tag and duck duck goose. These kids were so welcoming and kind which I found was a overwhelming theme throughout all of Thailand. The culture is so different than anything I had ever experienced and I was so luck to be able to learn from them as they learned from us. 

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