Working at Go

This summer, I worked for a non profit called Go Project. Go Project is a nonprofit that works on helping kids all the way from K to over 5th grade catch up in grade level. Instead of summer school, they can learn over the summer in a fun and inclusive learning environment. My job was helping in teaching sports. Sports was one of the enrichment activities, meaning one of the activities that the kids took part in from 2-5 after finishing their academic classes for the day. The kids enjoyed playing sports and various activities like Soccer and Dodgeball a great deal. They got to take part in extracurricular activities like music, art, and more after they finished their academic work. ┬áThis experience was very rewarding for the kids and for me. Not only did it help the kids have a fun time, but it also helped them improve athletically and learn about various sports that they did not know about. It gave them a chance to grow and explore their interests with extra curricular activities after their classes were done. It also helped me grow as a teacher. I hope others will work for Go Project and helping the kids continue to excel in school and have a great time too. The opportunity was very eye opening and rewarding too. Go Project was a great opportunity that I recommend for people to take part in over the summer or even during the school year if they have the time. It accommodates people of all ages and helps them improve and grow both as people and as students. Some of the kid’s attitudes towards learning also changed where some of them were discouraged, but after entering into this welcoming and warming opportunity, they started loving to learn. You can access the site here (


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