Michael’s Experience with Pier40Baseball

Over the summer, I worked for a non-profit called Pier40Baseball. Pier40Baseball is a program of P3, the Pier, Park, and Playground association, whose goal is to promote the construction of new baseball fields in the lower-Manhattan area of New York City by getting more kids to play baseball. At Pier40Baseball, children ages 5-14 receive hitting as well as position-specific instruction in order improve their overall baseball skills. Personally, I helped the younger children improve their hitting skills by feeding them balls on a tee and giving them instruction on how to better their baseball swing. In addition to this, I hit them balls in order to enhance their baseball fielding skills, and I led them in various stretches and warm-ups. I really enjoyed my time at Pier40Baseball, and I enjoyed to see young kids blossom as baseball players, as I too play baseball.

Link to Website: https://www.hudsonriverpark.org/explore-the-park/activities/baseball


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