Summer Service Reflection: Working at a Rescue Farm

Over the summer I volunteered at a non-profit organization called Artemis Farm. Artemis is a farm that rescues abuses horses and donkeys. Most of the horses that they rescue are mini’s which means they are much smaller than an average horse or donkey. While working with them I was given the opportunity to interact with these horses. I cleaned stables and water buckets as well as got to give the horses their medications and just spend time with them in order to help them become less afraid of people. Even though almost all of the horses had been abused or neglected in some way they were generally really sweet and gentle. It was an interesting experience for me as I have only ever worked at non-profits where I am sitting at a desk in an office. I enjoyed getting to do hands-on work with these animals. I also got to hold and spend a lot of time with a newborn horse which was so cute! Overall I greatly enjoyed getting to know the horses and the farmers who work with them.



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