Ben’s Summer Service with New York Theatre Ballet

This summer I helped out at my ballet school’s ballet camp for younger students. In the camp, children learned ballet and other forms of dance (such as jazz) and also worked on a group choreography with costumes and music. They also went on several field trips to museums and shows, getting inspired by the art there.

While I have helped out at this camp every summer since 8th grade, this year was special because I was asked especially to work with a young boy who was new to ballet. His family had recently moved out of a homeless shelter, and the director of the program asked me to help him adapt and feel comfortable in this new environment. Over the course of the camp, he became very attached to me, boasting to the other kids that he was in my group for field trips and even once refusing to go on a trip unless I chaperoned.

Meeting and becoming a mentor to this boy was a really touching experience. I was able to be a teacher and role model for him while also being a friend. I felt like I was able to truly make a positive difference in the life of somebody who has lost a lot.

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