Amy’s Summer with the Hunter Enrichment Program

This was my second summer working for the Hunter Enrichment Program.  The program is for gifted children, and they take three classes for the month of July, Monday to Thursday.  Last year I worked as a regular student aide (which is technically the name of my job) but this year I was the leader of my group of kids who were going into second grade.  They had math/science, writing and art everyday.

I was responsible for supervising them during class, lunch, dismissal, arrival, recess, basically all through out the day.  I was also a teacher’s assistant, helping the kids with their math or spelling.

Having worked with kids going into sixth grade the previous year, I wanted to change it up and work with younger kids this summer.  They were definitely a handful, and some kids were particularly hard to deal with, but I loved doing the job.

The one on the left with the bright blue shirt and logo is another student aide, Winnie. The one in the middle with the green shirt who looks like she could blend in with the second graders is Isabella.

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