Ananya’s summer with Homes of Hope

This summer I had the opportunity to work with Homes of Hope in the Dominican ┬áRepublic to help build a home for Juana Santana Vargas and her family. The three days during which we worked were extremely fulfilling. It was my first time physically building. At first, I was very nervous because we were using drills and power saws and other power tools. However, Demali, Juana’s daughter would always watch us working and she would become so happy that we all had a great time. On day 1, (Tuesday) We put up the four walls and the interior walls. I enjoyed creating the framework for the interior walls a lot. On day 2 (Wednesday), we did the electrics, and lined the interior walls, painted, put in windows and almost finished the roof. I mostly painted. However, as we were putting up the roof, it started raining and the paint on the walls was still wet so lots of it came out so we all put on raincoats and doubled up our pace; we re-did everything and thankfully finished by the end of the day. Finally, on day 3 (Thursday), we finished lining the interior walls and the rooms, completely finished the roof and we put in the furniture. After the house was complete and we furnished it, the family entered the house and they were very emotional. They started crying and were so grateful as they told us that if we had not built the house for them, Juana needed to work seven whole years to get all the materials for the house. This is when I realized how grateful I should be for everything I have because things that come so easily to us is actually very hard to acquire for others. Overall, it was an extremely enriching experience and I hope I can do it again next summer!


This is the entire team standing outside the finished house with Juana and her family. (I am the fourth person from the left in the first row ­čÖé )

This is us putting up a wall on the first day when we made the initial foundations of the house. (I am the person wearing the magenta cap)



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