Alex’s Summer Service with SPNA

This summer I volunteered with the Stuyvesant Park Neighborhood Association (SPNA). I helped out at Stuyvesant park near school with gardening tasks that are important to maintaining the park, such as pulling weeds and raking leaves. I have been volunteering there for the past few years, and it is wonderful to be able to see the direct results of my work. For example, I can plant flowers in the fall and see them bloom in the spring, or spread mulch over an area without grass and come back a month later to see a grassy field. This is really a volunteer opportunity where you can see the results of your work and how you have helped improve the park for everyone.

Since I live nearby, I have gone to Stuyvesant park throughout my entire life. I used to go there to play with my brother, and I often walk my dog through the park. Now that I go to Friends, this park is also a part of my school community. For me, volunteering with SPNA has been a great way to give back to my community in a way that improves the experience of me and everyone else who uses the park.

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