Bailey’s Experience with the Robin Hood Foundation

This past summer, I was a fellow at the Robin Hood Foundation, where I, along with several other teenagers from around the Tri-state area, went on site visits to numerous organizations funded by Robin Hood. Each day, we focused on another element of poverty and had the opportunity to further explore it through conversations with employees of each organization and our time at the sites. Throughout the week, as I was enlighted by how deep-rooted poverty is in the city, I was appalled by how sheltered I am in my everyday life. Even though I’ve been to the Brooklyn Navy Yard, I never knew about its history, contribution to NYC’s economy by providing and preserving quality jobs, and role in connecting the local community. I knew what a shelter was, but I’ve never stepped foot in one. The abstract, horrible image of poverty that I pictured in my head began to clear up as I got a glimpse of the destitution we’ve always talked about but hardly get to see first-hand. I was particularly touched by our visit to immigration court, where we met with pro-bono attorneys from the Safe Passage Project who represent unaccompanied minors. As we were led through the daunting corridors lined with waiting individuals, I began to imagine how scary it would be for a child to have to find their name on one of the numerous sheets of paper stapled to the wall and represent themselves in a foreign language. Besides solidifying my commitment to service after Friends, my time at the Robin Hood Foundation reminded me that there’s a lot to the world that we don’t get to see at a glimpse and must make a conscious effort to further discover a fuller picture.

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