Reflection About Halloween Party

As someone who attended the Halloween party as a lower schooler many years ago, it felt especially good to set up the halloween party for new lower schoolers.  In my years the haunted hallway was a series of claustrophobic boxes children would crawl through while being abused by high schoolers from above; it was a terrifying and somehow fun experience.  But it felt good to change the halloween party and the way the kids have fun.  The new haunted hallway set up seemed much safer yet still scary and fun, plus I had a great time hiding behind curtains and yelling boo at passersby.  I also felt like the set up with plenty of games, a chocolate fountain, and fun ways of obtaining candy, was a wholesome experience and a much better experience for the kids than it was in my day.  It felt very good to emulate and improve on the fun I used to have at the Friends lower school party.

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