Ned’s Summer Service

Back in July, I volunteered for the Randy Abreu campaign for City Council, District 14. One of the main things that caught my interest about the campaign was about how it focused on progressivism and youth. Abreu was only 28, yet he had worked on the Obama campaign and gained the support of Bernie Sanders. The other people who were working the campaign were all college students, and it felt like a small yet tight-knight group of people. The high school volunteers came mostly from schools in the Bronx, and going to school in lower Manhattan, it was nice to have a sort of change of pace. Mostly, the volunteers went out to canvass, and seeing parts of neighborhood (Fordham Hill) I was not very accustomed to was very interesting, especially since I got to interact with a wide variety of people. It was fascinating to see which type of person supported Fernando Cabrera, the more conservative candidate, and who supporter Abreu. While Randy did not end up winning the election, he still did well for a new candidate, getting in second place with about 20 percent of the votes.

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