Ryan’s Experience with the HFDA

Over the summer, I volunteered for the Halcottsville Fire Department Auxiliary, a very small organization that works with the small town’s volunteer fire department. The focus of the fundraiser that I helped with was to raise money for the renovation of the old fire department building, currently rotting away on main street,with the purpose of making the building into a small museum about the town’s history. Just like the old building, Halcottsville has seen better days, so this is also an effort to revitalize the town by bringing in people who might not otherwise stop while also making the town more presentable. The event was a “Penny Social,” a mix of garage sale and auction, so throughout the event I was delivering to people their winnings and moving dozens of metal folding chairs and tables. I was mostly working with people who I have known for a long time, and it was a great feeling to give back to my¬† community.

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