Allie’s Experience with God’s Love We Deliver Bag Decorating

Ever since I was in kindergarten, I attended the bag decorating event for Gods Love We Deliver. I was always thrilled that something as little as drawing on a large white bag could be something that brought joy to many other people, whether they were the bag recipients or the school community that looks at the finished works in the meeting house. This year was the second year that I could engage in this activity from another perspective of the event. I handed out bags and ribbons and made sure everyone had the perfect amount of glue-sticks to allow them to make their designs. But along the way I was also able to make some bags of my own (and eat some cookies, Yum!). It was only when carrying hundreds of bags onto the balcony of the meeting house that the full weight of our efforts hit me. Such small things can really add up when we all worked together: I only made 4 bags, but if everyone each made 4 bags, we’d have tons of them! This event is truly one of my favorite school traditions and I hope to work some more with it next holiday season!

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