Beatrice’s Experience with NYIC

The organization my group researched for our YPI project, the NYIC, focuses on helping immigrants, especially undocumented immigrants, learn what rights they are entitled to and helps them in their search for legal status. The NYIC is a very large organization with over 100 member organizations, so while making the presentation I found it difficult to condense what they do into an effective ten minute presentation. Despite this challenge, I still found learning more about NYIC very rewarding. It made me much more empathetic towards undocumented immigrants because I learned more about how little information is available to them when coming to America. There are programs, such as emergency medicaid and pre-k for all, that undocumented immigrants are entitled to. However, they are not always aware these programs exist. Although I have always recognized the hardships illegal immigrants face, now that I have completed the YPI project, I am more aware of how hard it is to come to America without having any connections in the country or sometimes even speaking the language.

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