Isa’s Experience with Human Rights First

This summer, I interned with Human Rights First (HRF), a nonprofit organization that identifies the U.S. governments’ and private companies’ legal and human rights violations. HRF initiates legal action to ensure reform and justice for disenfranchised populations in the U.S., including refugees and undocumented immigrants. Currently, HRF is focused on the eradication of family detention and separation, as well as alleviating the consequences of the refugee crisis. Their activities include improving the quality of life for refugees in the U.S. and abroad through social programs and legal services. I worked in HRF’s Communications Department, conducting research for projects and articles about higher education in refugee camps, social justice and human rights advocacy, and other countries’ legal approaches to incoming refugees. I also assisted with the development of video projects to raise awareness about HRF’s work. It was incredibly rewarding to intern at HRF. Taking action to help such integral causes made me feel like I was part of a greater movement to promote vital change here in the U.S. and abroad. I look forward to continuing my work at Human Rights First in the upcoming year!


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