Anya Juneja’s Experience Volunteering with the Delhi Blind Relief Association and the Coalition for the Homeless

This summer I spent a lot of time volunteering with two organizations, both of which I have volunteered with in past summers.

The first was the Delhi Blind Relief Association. At the BRA, I spent time making goods for their fundraising event, chatted with the blind students, and even attended their annual graduation ceremony for one class of students who were leaving the school. The experience was very fulfilling, especially getting to interact with the students, who were all very kind and willing to talk with us (even if my Hindi [the language they speak] isn’t perfect!) At the end of my time volunteering at the BRA, my sister Riya and I made a film about the BRA, and interviewed many of the students there. This was my 2nd summer volunteering at the BRA, and 3rd volunteering with blind students in Delhi (I previously volunteered with another blind school in Delhi).


The second organization I volunteered with, again for the 2nd summer, was the Coalition for the Homeless. The organization provides housing and food to homeless individuals around NYC, because no one should have to sleep on the streets or be hungry. Every Thursday night during the summer (when I was in NYC) I went out on a van from 7pm-10pm all around Manhattan, making 7 stops to give out food to homeless individuals. Some of the stops have over 100 people who come to get food. The experience was amazing because I knew I was making a difference in so many people’s lives.  

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