Volunteering for the Delgado Campaign

Over the summer I volunteered for the Delgado Campaign. Antonio Delgado is a Democrat running for Congress in the NY-19 area. While New York is a blue state, many people living in the NY-19 area are not Democrats. My job on the campaign was to call potential voters and explain to them the values Delgado holds and what he plans to do if he wins. From answering calls from other campaigns I knew that phone banking would not be a fun, easy job. Most people are not receptive to listening and most of the time they would just hang up on me when they realized I was trying advertising. The few times the phone was answered and I was not immediately hung up on, the people I was calling did not appreciate the message I was attempting to send. For example, this one women spent 20 minutes yelling at me about the sins I was committing by working for an “evil Democrat”. Although this job came with a lot of rejected phone calls, I think it was a very interesting experience. Being yelled at, although not fun, was a good experience especially since I live in a bubble of liberals. This opportunity to call others who had extremely different values from me and try to convince them to vote for a candidate that I supported was an amazing and eye opening experience. Living in New York City I do not have much access to diversity of opinions when it comes to politics to I very much valued the opportunity to meet others with different opinions. Overall I really enjoyed my time phone banking and hope to continue doing it as Delgado won the primary in June and still needs help campaigning!

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