Amy’s Summer with Hunter Summer Enrichment

This was my third summer working with the Hunter Summer Enrichment program.  The program runs through the month of July, four days a week, and kids ages 5-12 take three classes a day in math/science, art/music, and writing.  I worked as the head of a group of four student aides with a group of 17 rising third graders.  They had science, writing, and art every day.

In my previous summer as the head of a group, I didn’t take on such a responsibility-heavy role as I’d expected because of complications with the people working in my group which resulted in the head of the student aides remaining in my group for the entire month.  This meant that the disciplinarian role mostly fell on her instead of me.  This year, it was up to me to really assume the position of bad cop, which meant I had to learn quickly how to deal with difficult situations and arguments.  It wasn’t the most fun I’ve had in my three summers working at Hunter, but it definitely taught me that not everything can be handled by a gentle nudge in the right direction.

Overall it was a great learning experience not only for my students but also for me.  I definitely learned a lot working at Hunter this summer.

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